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bottom of the hour now. welcome back, i'm martin savidge, thank you very much for starting your day with us this morning. it's a snowy start for many people. because the blizzard in northeast has knocked out power to more than 650,000 customers. that's over nine states in the northeast. in some places, the winds are gusting, get this, more than 70 miles an hour. and that is, of course, tearing down tree limbs and when they go, they bring the power lines with them. thousands of families are starting the day without electricity. and in many cases, without heat. and that is the real concern with the snow still falling, officials can't say exactly when that power will be restored. and, of course, we're keeping an eye on all of the flights that have been canceled by the blizzard this morning. so far, live flight aware tracking reports that nearly 1,700 flights have been canceled and more are expected. we're talking about today alone. there will be no flights out of boston's logan until sunday. and new york airports are also experiencing similar situation.
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remember, best thing -- best advice, i should say, check with your airlines before you head out towards the airport to see if you're still going. meanwhile, dozens of flights are also canceled today at green state airport and that, if you didn't know, is in providence, rhode island, which is where our poppy harlow has been all morning. she's monitoring the storm there. the impact and hopefully now maybe the way they start digging out, right, poppy? hello, good to see you. >> they've got a lot of digging out to do. good morning, marty, good morning, everyone. if you're in providence, hope you like snow. a lot of it here. feet of snow. that beautiful white powdery snow, not that whipping ice pellets. the whiteout conditions have dispersed. i can see the end of the block, which is a positive sign. let's pan out a little bit if we can for our viewers here. you might see some of our equipment, as well. this is downtown providence in front of city hall that is actually still complete lly
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desolate. the power outages, not only in providence, but the entire state, nearly 200,000 homes without power, but 20% of the population of the entire state that has been hit, no power, no heat, major concern. no reading yet from the power company on how long it's going to take to get those power lines back up. what happened here is that wet, thick snow that we had all night because the temperatures are a bit warmer, that weighed on the power lines, trees that fell on power lines and this is the problem. staying off the roads because they need to be cleared so that the power company can get to where they need to address the issue. but overall here in providence, things are looking up, in rhode island, they have opened up some of those big bridges out to newport closed overnight because of that gusting wind. so things are getting progressively better here by the hour. let's go to mary snow, she's in staten island where things are subsided a lot in the past few hours, mary.
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>> yeah. certainly has, poppy. the snow has stopped here. staten islanders are waking up to at least a foot of snow. one person, though, who did not wake up because he was up the whole night. sebastian, how worried were you last night? >> very worried. the whole family was worried. we thought the water was going to come back in again and another disaster ready to happen. >> you look out at least a foot of snow. >> snow is good. >> but you were very relieved? >> yes, very relieved no water came in. >> and talking to people around here, so overwhelmed, one man said yesterday, he was just numb, he couldn't handle anymore. how much of a setback is this? >> it's a lot. mentally frustrating. between, you know, for the whole family. you know, and you've got to work. my wife takes care of the crew that comes in. it's a lot of work. it's a lot of work. so you do become numb from all this. >> reporter: yeah, and it's certainly so overwhelming.
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thanks for taking the time to talk with us. but sebastian was saying, poppy, his first reaction when he woke up this morning was thank god because his worries were so high this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: absolutely because of what happened from hurricane sandy and in the wake of that storm and how long it has taken people in staten island to get back on their feet. i guess a little bit of a blessing they didn't get hit harder and as much snow as we did here in providence. thank you very much. marty, back to you now in atlanta. >> thank you, both, very much. we want to check in now with the manager of a walmart out there in long island. you may have heard there were a lot of people stranded on the highway. but first, we're going to go to renee marsh? is that what you're telling me? at reagan international airport. go ahead, renee. >> reporter: good morning, martin. since this all began, we can tell you that nearly 5,000
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flights have been canceled. and we're seeing the ripple effect here at reagan national airport this morning. i want to check out the boards and look at the situation. new york, canceled. you can see the situation doesn't look very good for those going to new york, portland, maine, canceled. a total of 83 arrivals and departures canceled today out of dca. the majority of those flights, i can tell you, it is because of weather situations here. now, as far as the airports go and those areas that are really hard hit, we do know that many of the airlines say they'd like to resume those flights starting today. we also know that in really, really bad areas like your bostons, we're not going to see any kind of activity until maybe about sunday. now, here at reagan national, we got a chance to speak to some people who know firsthand. some of these people have spent the night here because they are stuck. we met one man who is trying to get to a wedding. we met another man who is trying to get to his sick mother.
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however, they can't get there because guess what? their flights are canceled. take a listen. >> so my friend's wedding is today. and i found out yesterday morning that all my flights got canceled. >> well, i'm sitting here debating, charging up my computer and cell phone and stuff i'll contact my family. maybe in a hotel or maybe crash here for a couple of days. i'm not sure. >> reporter: all right. well, that man here, he's been here since friday night. he believes he's going to be here for another three days. his destination, portland, maine. back to you. >> he could be there a while longer. thanks very much for joining us from reagan international. here are five other stories we are watching this morning. first, at daylight, the search teams headed out to big bear lake in part for that hunt for the accused cop killer. it's not clear if the suspect, christopher dorner is even still in the area. police say they will keep
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looking until they find him or they're sure he's left. the former cop is accused of killing three people. number two, michelle obama will attend today's funeral for 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, the chicago student was gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. police told our affiliates that pendleton had no gang affiliation and was likely not the intended target. we will have a report from chicago that will be coming up later this morning. number three, former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. has signed a plea deal with prosecutors. the well-known civil rights leader was under investigation for misusing campaign funds. details of that are unknown, but according to local reports out of chicago, he could still face prison time. number four, a judge in cleveland sentenced an amish man behind a string of beard-cutting attacks to 15 years in prison. he was convicted of hate crimes,
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kidnapping, and conspiracy. and then number five, in phoenix, the murder trial of jodi arias took a dramatic turn this week. arias took the stand and admitted to killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. she described how she stabbed him 27 times, shot him in the face, and slit his throat in self-defense. arias will be back on the stand when trial resumes on monday. if convicted, she does face the possibility of the death penalty. now, back to that intense man hunt in california. we will take you out there live and that will be next. officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy! with an online package including: domain name, website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores! with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users?
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and you're looking at a live picture of hartford, connecticut, where they have had more than 2 feet of snow. some places more than that, up to 34 inches. we've continued to follow that, and will do so. there's another developing story regarding the snow, and that is what's happening on long island. out there when the snow came down, some people, many people, actually, got trapped on the highway. that's the long island expressway. and when they were trapped, they had to find shelter and they did that at a walmart. jerry greek is the manager at that walmart and joins us now on the telephone. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. how are things there now? >> we're okay. it's like i said, the snow's pretty deep here, but everybody's safe and warm in the walmart in long island. and we have coffee and donuts for everybody. and everything's okay otherwise. >> how many people are you sheltering right now? and are their spirits good? are they all in good shape? >> everybody's in good shape.
4:46 am
everybody's safe and sound in the store and around 20, 25 people, it's some associates and mostly people that were stranded that walked through the snow to get in the store when they saw the light was still on. we led them in to the shelter and give them some place to go. >> we're dealing, also, with a bad signal, i know. but we want to keep talking. the store was closed at the time. when did you start realizing you were turning into something more than just a shopping experience? >> well, like i said, first couple of people came in and said they were waiting out for like hours out on the road. there was like 20 accidents getting stuck in the snow. and then they started -- people started calling the store to see if we were hope so they could come in and get warm and their cars were running out of gas from sitting in the lines for so long. naturally we let them come in. we don't want anybody getting hurt. >> it was good you did that.
4:47 am
is the situation improving now? i know daylight certainly returned. >> the roads are still closed out here in suffolk county. and we have our guys plowing our parking lot. but right now, everything's pretty much stand still out here. >> jerry, have you seen anything like this at the walmart? >> not since i've been here. not this bad. >> we hope it improves throughout the day. jerry greek joining us from the walmart out in suffolk county where they opened the doors and let people in many of whom trapped out on the roadways as the snow continues to fall. thank you very much for joining us. now back to the other big story we're following. the intense manhunt. this one in california. we'll have a live report and bring you up to speed next. ♪ ♪
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now more on today's other big story. that's the hunt in california for a former cop accused of killing three people. police say suspect christopher dorner is extremely dangerous. he is also believed to be heavily armed. nick valencia is following this investigation for us. he's out in los angeles. and, nick, what's the mood of police officers there? you've been talking to them and, of course, they have to have safety concerns. >> yeah, it's not just police officers. i think throughout this entire city, there's a lingering sentiment of anxiety. some of us have looked behind our shoulder, no doubt in the last couple of days. but nowhere is that anxiety more
4:51 am
than here in the los angeles police department headquarters. yesterday i spoke to commander andy smith about those safety concerns. take a listen. >> every officer in this department's a little bit paranoid right now, i think. some people that have contact with this guy, obviously more concerned than others. all of us are concerned. and we always are. >> and he's just one of 40 officers. more than 40 officers, martin, that are receiving detailed protection so you you can just imagine the strain on resources here for the lapd. martin? >> that search has been focused, at least for the time being, out there in big bear lake. they had pretty heavy snow. that caused them to dial it back a bit, haven't they? >> reporter: their search was scaled back overnight. they're scheduled to resume their search as the sun comes up here this morning. they're really concentrating on an eighth square mile in big
4:52 am
bear area, about two hours east of where i'm standing in downtown, los angeles. as we've been reporting throughout the morning, heavy storm conditions have really hampered the search operation there in big bear. martin? >> also, cnn has obtained some exclusive images of dorner firing a gun. tell us about them. >> reporter: yeah. cnn obtained exclusive video of chris dorner during his cadet training days in 2005. very chilling video, consider considering circumstances for his search right now. still on the loose right now. the video we have shows him firing his weapon, exercise training and it really shows the strength of this man, 270 pounds, six-feet tall, seen carrying a 300-pound dummy just effortlessly. we received that tape yesterday. that's exclusive video to cnn. just a new development, new images and sort of gives uh-you sense of background and the type
4:53 am
of person that the los angeles police department and other authorities in southern california are dealing with. >> and police have said that dorner is extremely dangerous. it's not just his police training, is it? he also had some military background. >> reporter: yeah. he has extensive military training, martin. he is a marksman, pistol expert. he also has underwater sea train ing as well. if you remember a few days ago there were reports that he allegedly tried to take a boat in in the san diego area. he is a very trained person. the officers i've spoken to, some of them say, listen, we're not taking any more added safety precautions. this guy is a trained killer. if he wants to hurt us, he can. it's a very scary situation for everybody involved. >> thank you very much, nick. we'll continue to follow it through you. thank you. travel chaos. thousands of flights have been canceled. modes of transportation are also impacted. we'll get to the bottom of all of it next. director of aviation at the port authority of new york and new jersey.
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more now on that massive blizzard that keeps slamming parts of the northeast. it has cause ed 5,000 flights t be canceled. that number is expected to rise. port authority of new york and new jersey joining me now on the telephone. thank you very much for being with us. let me ask you, where do things stand right now? >> reporter: things are looking
4:58 am
good at all of our airports. they are all open. we already have had some activity, some cargo activity at both newark and jfk. and laguardia, we're expecting the first passenger activity around 9:00. so we had a lot of snow. not as much as, perhaps, predicted, but quite a bit of snow. we had a got at laguardia, almost that much at newark. it was a tough overnight, but we're in great shape. and what has to happen now, as you know, we run airports. we don't fly planes. so we're ready. we're working with all the airlines as they resume their schedule. what happens in a big storm like this, as you know, they cancel a lot in advance and then they work on their recovery plan to get everybody back on a plane over the next couple of days. where we could use your help is in making sure that everybody out there knows that even though we're open and even though
4:59 am
planes are starting to fly, their flight may not happen today. and so call first. go on their website. make sure that you actually have a seat on a plane before you head out to the airport. >> that's very good advice. we actually have been throwing it out there every chance we get to remind people. >> excellent. >> are you up to full force here as far as your operations, or are you slowly sort of coming back? >> well, we're slowly coming back. we don't have every runway open yet. you focus on the ones you're going to need first thing in the morning. at jfk, that's two out of the four, which is enough to accommodate the traffic as it -- air traffic as it begins to grow. so it's a recovery process. for us, as well as the airlines. but we are ready. and so we'll start -- if you look up and you're near an airport, you'll actually start seeing planes over the next couple of hours. >> of course, getting the flight in is just half the battle. what about the roads getting to

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